Factory combos of Nikon F bodies and F-250 Motor Drives

Some Nikon F cameras were adapted to a F-250 motor drive and were sold as a combo. In early production times the serial numbers of the combo items were stamped on the box. Later the numbers of the motor drive and of the adapted body were stamped with white enamel inside the back of the F-250 motor drive. At the bottom of this page you find some serial number combos which I found at camera shows and eBay auctions or which Nikon collectors kindly reported to me.
Copyright © Richard de Stoutz 2008. The number of the adapted F body not stamped inside the back of F-250 #99057.
Copyright © Richard de Stoutz 2008. F-250 #102206 was originally sold in a set with Nikon F body #6950878.