Nikon F Serial Number Markings

Copyright © Richard de Stoutz 2007.

«Red Dot» Body Serial Number

The first F-bodies with mirror housing type 5 compatible to the Photomic T finder bear a red dot preceeding the serial number on the right top cover (Part 20FB1-2003B). See Cooper&Abott's Nikon F Handbook, page 2-3: The Photomic T series finders will fit Nikon F cameras whose serial numbers are above 6602847 or if a red dot preceeds the number.

The «red dot» F bodies in the high 65xxxxx serial number range are intermixed with normal unmodified F bodies (with mirror housing type 4), lacking the red dot (maybe this is the reason why modified bodies were marked with the red dot).

In the 66xxxxx serial number batch all the bodies are having the red dot. Less than 2,850 bodies and no black bodies (beware of fakes!) were produced within the 66xxxxx serial number batch. After serial number 6602847 Nikon jumped directly to the 67xxxxx serial number block. We don't know for what reason they did so.

Recorded body numbers between 6570022 and 6602847.

Examples in my collection: Nikon F 6579184, 6582900, 6586051, 6590383, 6591583, 6595012 (NIKKOR), 6595317, 6597448 (black), 6597653 (black), 6597810 (black), 6600254, 6600738, 6601753, 6601770.

Examples without red dot: Nikon F 6575923, 6588363, 6592341.

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